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Photo Book Creation

Yes! When you install Nowvel’s iOS app or use our website, your first 8x8 soft cover book is completely free. Just pay a small shipping fee (or share Nowvel with Facebook friends and get that free too!) and nothing more. Or if you choose to easily upgrade to one of our other bookshelf in both hard and lay flat options. As you purchase books, 10 coins will be applied towards your upgraded book selection. You’ll continue to earn free books and discounts with each purchase via Nowvel digital Coins.

Nowvel photo books can be created on the web (start here) or using our Apple featured iOS app. We currently are working on bringing Nowvel to Android so please check back soon! For now, our website is optimized for Android screens so photo books can be made using Android’s web browser.

Well, that’s embarrassing for us… Since starting Nowvel in early 2015, we’ve been like blood hounds hunting for bugs and with each update, it feels like we’ve stabilized the app completely. But inevitably, we’re human and know all sorts of combination of factors can create crashing.

The first thing to try is ensure that your app is up to date for the most recent version – please visit the App Store and tap on Update if you are running an older version. Be sure you do not delete your app and reinstall as that could delete all of your previous books.

If the problem continues, please accept our apology and if you would be kind enough to email, we will respond immediately to try to determine the cause and more importantly, a fix!

Yes, we have a simple way to add a single block of text anywhere on a book page – change the position, color, font!

If your image already has text in it, please be sure that you account for 1/4” bleed at final cutting. You don’t want your text to get cut off.

Yes, you will see multiple cover options and ability to choose your own or edit the photos on the cover as well as every text field. Try our shuffle feature to see your photo options instantly!

There is one exception, for covers where the year and other text are part of the Design elements, the year is not editable.

Absolutely! Simply tap Create a New Book from the Menu and you’ll see 2 tabs to help you create the perfect custom book.

The Album Ideas tab shows photos that we have automatically grouped together – here you will find photos grouped by travels, holidays, birthdays and other special events and occasions meant to make it easy for you to decide on the photobook theme and start picking photos.

The All Photos tab shows photos in your Camera Roll and Camera Roll albums as well as your Instagram photos, Facebook and Google album photos.

Once you tap into one of the two photo sources, you’ll see tabs that show all of the photos for that album, a tab of photos that have faces only (based on facial recognition software so it’s not perfect!) and photos that we’ve selected that we think best represent that memory - the same photos we use to auto create your photo books.

Choose at least 20 photos (up to 300, though we recommend 50-80 to make the book look great and varied - don't worry, you can add more pages after the book is created to fit more), and enjoy viewing the photo book that is automatically created for you!

Yes, simply choose the photos you want to print in your photo book from one of the many ways in the app and when the book is automatically created for you, simple tap More in the top right corner and Remove/Put All Photos into Tray.

Connect us to your photo source and we’ll do the rest.

If the images were originally taken from your iOS device, you can simply open the app to get started.

If your image are stored on a PC or hard drive, check out our web interface at

You just tap on Add Photos, then at the top of the screen you’ll see your current source and a down arrow. Tap on the down arrow and choose your new source. It’s that easy!

Simply tap on one of the buttons shown on your photo book to crop, zoom, rotate and filter your photo, change the page collage, add text and more photos, customize your cover photos and text, add extra pages and rearrange the order of your pages.

Or check out Tips in Edit Book mode directly in the app by tapping Options in the top right and selecting Tips.

Don’t forget to account for 1/4” bleed at final cutting. You don’t want your text/images to get cut off.

Nowvel does most of the work for you but if you’re not happy with a page layout, tap on the Shuffle Collage feature! This will allow you to scroll through all of the layout options available with and without borders.

Yes, foreign characters and emojis can be used in text fields throughout the book and on the covers. However, please note that special characters in the title are not printed on the spine, which is automatically copied from the book’s title.

Easily! Tap Options at the top right and select Rearrange/Delete Pages. Then simply tap and hold the pages you want to move and voila!

While there isn’t an easy way to do this via Photos app - this app allows you to split an image and also saves the files in the original size of the photo - (not downsized)

Tile Pic - A Photo Editor Booth to Create Banner Pictures for Instagram by Sornsit Srichurat

We spent many long nights on the software that automatically groups your iOS photos together and picks your best ones that best represent the memory. The software is a combination of plain logic (using time of photo taken, location, groups of photos, key dates), facial recognition, duplicate detection and photo analysis. For Instagram users, simply connect to your Instagram account and we’ll make a book of your most recent few dozen photos and let you know the book is ready to enjoy, share and print!

Nowvel photo books are 20 pages and can hold 20-100 photos to start (though we recommend 30-40 to make the book look great and let certain photos really shine). You can add additional 2 page spreads at a time, each holding up to another 5 photos per page. So books go as big as 60 pages with 300 photos if you like!

When you're done creating your work of art, tap on Share This Book from Options in the top right corner. Then tap the share method you would like so friends and family can enjoy your work, and even purchase the book with your permission.

We resize, compress and cache photos and photo books to take up as little room as possible on your iPhone and iPad for a photo app. If you look in your Settings, you should see that Nowvel is one of the smaller storage users among your photo apps. And to free up more space, simply delete the photobooks that you don’t want inside Nowvel, that should do the trick!

Super simple! But please be careful, once you delete a book it’s gone. We trust you…. In My Photobooks, long tap and hold over the book you’d like to delete. You’ll be prompted “Are you sure you want to delete this book?”. Tap on Delete Book.

Currently the app treats each iOS device as an individual user and doesn’t have the ability to sync. It’s on our long list of to-do's...

Absolutely! Please use our web version of the app to utilize photos from your Dropbox account at


Nowvel Coins are virtual currency you can earn using our iOS app for purchase in the app by sharing your photobooks digitally via Facebook or referring friends to use Nowvel along with other Settings activity you can find in the Menu.

Each Coin is worth US$1 off a printed photobook, so collect as many as you can and enjoy your photobooks at big discount or even FREE!

Your Nowvel piggy bank in the top right corner is keeping track of your $$$.

We’re sorry, coins can only be applied towards book purchases. They can’t be used for shipping costs. But your shipping cost can be made free by sharing Nowvel with your Facebook friends – you’ll see the option in the cart. Thank you for helping to spread the word about Nowvel!

Nowvel coins are applied to the cost of a standard 20 page book. Customers are responsible for the cost of extra pages and shipping.

When you earn coins, they do come with an expiration date. Don’t let them sit in your piggy bank, we really want you to use them! Tap on the piggy bank icon to view expiration dates. And if your Coins do expire no need to worry, we promise there will be plenty of ways to earn more.

We automatically apply available coins to the book cost of your order at checkout for you!


For photos that go right to the edges of a page, if you choose those layouts, the photos will be cropped 1/4” on each edge. Not to bore you with printing details, but to create a beautiful full bleed effect, that’s how it’s done so please allow for that sort of crop when choosing your layout.

While we’d love if you used the app to add your text, we understand that in today’s digital world there some amazing graphics out there. Please be sure to allow for at least a 1/4” on each edge. Not to bore you with printing details, but to create a beautiful full bleed effect, that’s how it’s done so please allow for that sort of crop when choosing your layout.

Our favorite question! Because our books are like no other!

Nowvel photo books are square and open completely flat and come with hard and soft cover options as well as two paper types.

Our archival gloss paper stock photo books are printed using a never before seen print technology that allows the books to open flat with stiff matte pages and make the books fade proof, tear proof and even spill proof! You won't believe how eye popping the photos are thanks to an advanced glaze coating finish.

Our traditional lay flat photo books are luxurious and meant for the most special occasions and memories. Like our archival gloss books, they open completely flat and have no seam down the middle with a hard cover option that will make it the centerpiece of any coffee table.

The books come in 5 unique sizes starting with our 4x4 lay flat pocket book that is completely FREE.

We believe that photo books and memories should be accessible to everyone, so the book technology we use allows for not just incredible durability and quality, the books are priced to be everyday prices – including our 8x8 softcover book that is completely FREE. Book prices can be seen by starting a book and viewing the size, cover and paper options before you go to cart. Because our books are all square, make the book once and choose any size without having to edit the book.

Are you ordering photobooks for your sports team or business event? Whatever your reason might be, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to let you know our bulk order pricing! You can reach us at:


Currently, Nowvel prints and ships within 4 business days and uses Fed Ex and the USPS for delivery. You can expect your book to arrive 7 to 10 days from the date of order.

Yes, you can order multiple copies of the same book and also order multiple books in the same order in our iOS app. We are working hard to bring this to the web, but for now, the web only accepts one type of book (which can be purchased in multiple copies).

While nothing is perfect in our world filled with many bad people, payments are secured through the commerce system built by Apple. Nowvel uses Apple’s payment system for credit cards and thus they ensure security, encryption and privacy of payment information – highest standard in the world given Apple’s size and focus on this.

Similarly, photobooks can be purchased using Apple Pay, which uses the same authentication and security of payment information.

Customer Support

You can contact directly from the app. Under the main menu tap on Setting and Contact. We’ll automatically get your unique code and version information. If you prefer the old fashioned way, you can email us

We currently only offer online support. Please email us at and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

When you're done editing/updating your photo book, tap on Share This Book from Options in the top right corner. Then select the email icon and enter address, tap Send and tap Done. Return to the main menu and leave the app open for 2-3 minutes to allow for images to upload. We’ll email you as soon as it’s received.

When you upgrade to one of our other book sizes, cover and paper options, the 10 Coins for your free mini book are automatically applied toward your upgraded book selection. You’ll continue to earn free books and discounts with each purchase via Nowvel digital Coins.

Please email with your order number and the correct shipping information immediately as your book goes to print quickly after we receive it, and we’ll be happy to assist you. NOTE: if using ApplePay, we can manually update this for you however, the shipping address defaults to what is stored in your Apple Pay account and will require updating through their system for future orders or you can choose an alternative method of payment.

The app does remind you that images that go right to the edges of a page will be cropped 1/4” on each edge. Not to bore you with printing details, but to create a beautiful full bleed effect, that’s how it’s done so please allow for that sort of crop when choosing your layout.

We have two print facilities located in California and Utah that produce different book formats. You’ll received two shipments but we promise you’re only charged for shipping once.

We’ll be happy to assist you, please email us at with your order number and a short explanation.

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