About Nowvel Photo Books, Personalized Photo Books and Creating your Photo Book

Nowvel’s innovative photo book software, iOS app and printed photobooks are unique in many ways and the books themselves permanent to last generations. Using algorithms on our iOS app, we automatically group your photos into albums of special memories based on timestamp, geolocation, facial detection and many other variables to curate the best photo memories and inspire you to print the most special ones. Many of these albums then are turned automatically into photo books using collages and custom covers. Print as they are with a couple of taps or edit away with our powerful yet simple editing features like filtering photos, crop/zoom, add text, add more photos and pages and even free sketch using a stylus or your finger. The same simple user experience has been embedded into ecommerce on nowvel.com.

The books themselves also are printed utilizing a never before seen technology that produces an eye popping visual experience for the photos with vibrant colors and an elegant matte finish. The pages are coated to be protected from every element – photo books are fade proof, tear proof and even spill proof! Because we believe memories should be permanent and enjoyed for generations. The pages are stiff and open perfectly flat, not like flimsy printer paper photobooks typical in the market. Compare to layflat paper photo books that cost three to four times what Nowvel books cost. So finally enjoy an easy photo book making experience and print your stories and give them as gifts!